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Seller Tips

The Chicago real estate market is very competitive.  In spite of the downturn in the local economy, selling property in Chicago can be a stressful process.  After you have found the right agent, there is the matter of getting your property into tip-top shape.  You will be competing with many other homes for sale and will want to have your home stand out in the pack.

Make the real estate market work for you, not the other way around.  Ask us about possible improvements before you put your home on the market.  Not all improvements translate to a higher sales price or shorter sales time.

Preparing for the Sale

Get rid of clutter.  Keep all countertops clear, store knickknacks, clean closets and tidy up your home office.

.  Tidy up the yard.  Cut the grass and rake the leaves.  If you have bushes, make sure they are not overgrown.  For a sale in warmer weather, consider adding a few outdoor potted plants.

.  Take a look around for deferred maintenence items.  If your home does not need a new paint job, check for touch-up areas.  Check to make sure doors and windows are operable.  Check lightbulbs in living areas as well as in all closets. Clear the cobwebs from corners.  Check to make sure electrical outlets are working and there are no exposed wires.  Make sure all your appliances are in working order.

.  Get rid of any odors.  Clean carpets and consider cleaning window treatments if there is a smoker in the house.  Make sure there are no pet smells in any areas.  If you have pets, thoroughly  clean all furniture and floors of pet hair.

.  Wash all the windows and let the light shine in.

.  Consider a cleaning service for a one-time, serious cleaning.  Get into all corners that may not be noticeable to you, but, on closer inspection, might be seen by a potential buyer who looks in all areas of closets and cabinets and behind and under furniture.

.  Pay special attention to the interior of your refrigerator and oven.  They should be as close to spotless as possible. 

.  Before showings, turn on all the lights, put away any valuables, take the pets and leave.  It is difficult for anyone to view a property if the owners and/or pets are in the home. 

.  Ask us.  There may be other areas that need attention, but all homes are unique and we can discuss your home specifically as we have our initial meeting. 

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